These kindly and dependable creatures (also called Lobs, Hobs or, if female, Silkies) attach themselves to Human households, where they help with chores and protect the well-being of people living on "their" land.

Fiercely loyal, Brownies will defend a home and its surrounding estate from burgulars and Goblins. They live somewhere on the land they protect, perhaps in an abandoned barn, an unused closet or within the walls. Despite their love of cleanliness, Brownies are rather shabby in appearance, often going shoeless or wholly unclothed. Even so, they expect no payment other than scraps of food and a bowl of milk left out at night; in fact, further gifts are likely to induce adverse effects.

Shuffling sounds at night can be a sign of a Brownie; the careful observer may be able to spy one at work if he or she can sneak up quietly enough. Even if not actually seen, the Brownie may disappear in the middle of completing a task, leaving proof in the form of half-finished mopping or partially washed dishes.

Unusual organization of items is also common in houses with Brownies. A Brownie may alphabetize books by the middle initial of the author's names or file records by the titles of favorite songs.

Industrious themselves, even the gentlest of Brownies hates laziness in others. If taken advantage of, or otherwise ill-used, the Brownie may become a Boggart. (Compare to Boggart, Leprechaun and Knocker)